This beautiful Cape Cod home by Casabella Home Furnishings and Interiors is absolutely stunning!  This design is all about the details with small accents that complete this coastal look.  The sea foamy hues are so serene that it’s like being on vacation at the most beautiful beach right in your own home.




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Nothing makes guests feel more welcomed than a stylish guest bathroom. No matter what size or whether the bath is low or high end, small changes and thoughtful design can really make a difference to the space.

1. Pattern & Colour: Take the space up a notch by decorating with bold colour or pattern.

2. Statement Pieces: Swap out the hardware store mirror for a grand piece with a decorative frame

3. Freshen up the Fixtures: By simply updating the fixtures and finishes in the bathroom, you can transform the space to suit any style.

4. Lighting: Stylish sconces give your guests a feel of being in a high end hotel

5. Bath Accessories: Matching bath accessories finish off the space with a thought out feel.

6. Crisp Linens: Hang out some fresh towels and have a basket with additional rolled ones for your guests to use.

Living in the Caribbean tropical prints have always been a huge part of design, in the home and in fashion. Often these prints however can be overbearing and seem very traditional. Here are a few ways to incorporate this print into your design to keep the look fresh and contemporary:

1. Pair the print with lots of natural tones and textures to bring out a tropical feel. Incorporate another strong pattern such a geometric to tone down the boldness of the palm print. This look is fresh, contemporary and 100% island style.



2. A Small Pop: As this print is so strong, incorporating something like a throw pillow or some wall art is enough of a pop to introduce the tropical feel to the space. Add another smaller pattern or texture to the look for a finished designer feel. Pairing the bold green print with more of a monochromatic colour pattern really allows the print to take center stage without being over bearing.


3. Go Bold: Choose a larger yet simple print if you want to make a statement. Keep the other furnishings and decor in the space simple and use an opposite colour like the coral to balance out the look.



Would you use a tropical leaf print in your own home? How would you go about using it? Comment and let us know!

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Living on an island we are surrounded by bright colours and lush tropics which naturally makes its way into the design of our homes and even how we dress. However, in summer, this design is even more inviting as we take off to our beach houses and really make the most of living in an island paradise. This home designed by Australian designer Leigh Boswell in Baroomba, Queensland has really captured the feel by mixing punchy colours with lots of natural elements and textures. 

Highgate House living room

Highgate House table

Highgate House outdoor diningHighgate House coral bedroom

Highgate House blue green bedroomThis design is really beautiful as the elements are repeated throughout each room creating a really great flow and feel to the home. The living room being the core of the design where elements are taking from and incorporated into the other spaces to tie it all together.

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This beautiful home in Coral Gables Florida was recently featured on HGTV and is absolutely stunning product of designer Maggie Cruz. With its light and airy tropical feel, it’s the ideal place to relax and unwind with a drink and the cool breeze.

The living and dining rooms are fun, bright and vibrant with bold colours and interesting pieces which each make a statement without being overpowering to the overall space.  The bedroom while still keeping up with the style, is a slightly cooler and more relaxed palette offering a serene get away. The simple design and palette of the home itself is the ideal foundation for this bold and fun design that makes tropical contemporary and fun.





Could you see this design in your own home? As high end as this design looks, this designer used pieces found at stores such as pottery barn and west elm making this look accessible to any budget. Want to recreate the look yourself? Contact the Dwellings Design Studio and take the first step towards your dream home.







Many obsessed foodies will go out of their way to get all kinds of fancy cooking tools for the kitchen. The newest gadgets promising to slice, dice and chop better than the rest seem to catch their attention, and before you know it the cupboards are overflowing with food processors, electric squeezers and juicers and objects with interesting names like Mandoline, Microplane and Silpat.

Of course, it’s good to have a well-stocked kitchen, and the greater the variety of cooking utensils you have, the more you’ll be able to do. But sometimes it’s easy to overlook the essentials — those classic cooking tools that make it possible to prepare our food. Without most of them, it’d be difficult or even near-impossible to make a lot of everyday foods. Read on to learn about 10 of the most important tools a cook should have in the kitchen. Click on each to see our suggestion in store:


1. Cookware Set

2. Cuttingboard

3. Utensil Set Including: Turner, Whisk,Vegetable Peeler Etc

4. A Good Set of Knives

5. Bakeware Set

6. Storage Containers

7. Measuring Cups

8. Mixing Bowl

9. Kitchen Linens and Oven Mitts

10. Food Processor.



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Your bedroom should be a restful and serene place that invites you to relax after a long day. A big part of achieving this feel is your bed and of course the bedding, this is a concept used in hotels for example. Dressing the bed in good quality sheets and adding lots of layers makes a big difference to the visual look and feel of your bed. Check out some of these tips and photos below for inspiration.


1. Layers: Giving a bed multiple layers ads style and comfort. After securing your fitted sheet down, add a flat sheet, coverlet and finally a duvet for that plush feel. For the designer touch, creating a triangle of pillows starting with euro pillows, then shams and decorative throws.


2. Mixing Colours, Patterns and Textures: This brings warmth and texture into a room as well as visual interest.  Look for one common factor such as a colour, a size of the print or an element that can tie all the pieces together for a polished look.

Remember to always have a rotation of sheets on hand for laundry day so that your bed is always freshly made and plush. Want to learn even more? Visit us in store for our FREE bedding workshop this Sunday July 20th from 3-5pm.









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