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No space is too small for lots of style! The bathroom is a great place to make a real ‘splash’ with design. This is the perfect project to tackle if you have a tighter budget for redecorating; A few changes  make a big impact in a small space. Fun accessories and punches of colour can make a bathroom beautiful. Use coordinating colours to keep the space contemporary and fresh, don’t be afraid to add decorative elements to give the space a homey feel! Use a patterned rug, throw in a floral or a pretty lamp for extra oomph! Got a little extra space? Add an interesting chair to complete the design!

The perfect way to accessorize a bathroom is to use accents that pick up on your wall colour. Repetition is key in a small space to make the room look well thought out and planned as opposed to cluttered!

A funky mirror in your bath introduces the 'wow' factor and gives your space a designer edge! Bathroom by Sarah Richardson

Ready to redecorate? Check out these great finds available at Dwellings right now and start making a splash in your bath today!

Got a crush on colour? These items are perfect for you!

Love the hotel look? Create the spa feel in your home.

How would you redecorate your bath? Would you have a glamorous hotel look in white and silver? Or do you have a crush on colour and decorate with lots of pops? Share your ideas below!

Thanks again for reading! Remember to check us out every Wednesday for a new and exciting post, full of  great tips, new trends and hot deals! Need a little help on this project? Contact the Dwellings Design Studio at design@dwellingsbarbados.com for a free consultation and get designing today!


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A Glimpse at Glam!

Living in the Caribbean lends itself to very open and airy spaces that are fresh, bright and sunny. I love the idea of furnishing a home just that way, by starting with a blank canvas of bright whites and adding glamorous elements to bring the light in. Decorating with white can never be boring; as there are so many different directions  that you can take it. No matter what, you can be sure you’ll have a contemporary and fresh space as the end result. Check out some of these great  rooms decorated with white and then see how to get this glamorous look for yourself.

This room by Hickory Chair is perfect way to decorate in white without making it too sterile. Adding washed wood furniture adds just the right amount of warmth while the mirrored elements really add a glamorous feel.

A chandelier adds instant glam to a white room. Keep your space homey by introducing an eclectic look. Use mismatched chairs in a distressed finish

This bedroom by Helter is absolutely gorgeous! Open spaces with lots of light are the perfect rooms to decorate with white. Introducing wooden pieces adds a natural element for a very modern yet comfortable feel.

Jonathan Adler is a designer who loves decorating with white! Starting with white will give instant glam and allows you to take it in any direction with any colour.

Loving this look and want it for yourself? Take a visit to Dwellings and pick up your bright whites and bits of bling for a glamorous makeover. Check out some great finds below:

Get glammed up at Dwellings. Sterling Pointe Queen Bed BDs $3499, Pagosa Sofa BDS$ 2699, Betty Coffee Table BDS $2299, Mosaic Mirrored Boxes S/3 BDS$219.95, Studded Mirror BDS $499.95 Throw Pillows from BDS $179.95 .

Decorating with white is timeless and classic -you can never go wrong. Get tired of one look? Swap out accessories and you have a blank canvas to start decorating in a whole new way! What’s your take on decorating with white? We’d love to hear how you’d decorate your blank canvas!
Thanks again for reading! Remember to check every Wednesday for a new post full of hot trends and neat tips that will get you on your way to starting your next design project.
Need some help? Contact the Dwellings Design Studio at design@dwellingsbarbados.com to get started today!

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Marrying your Styles!

This week Dwellings plays host for the premiere wedding event of the season.  Thursday night, Dwellings transforms into a wedding planners haven with the most sought after wedding specialists in Barbados. No couple should miss the chance to meet and greet with the best in the biz for absolutely free! There will be awesome giveaways for the couples who register their gift lists here at Dwellings on the night, so be sure to take advantage.

You're Invited! Be sure not to miss this premier wedding event. Click the image to RSVP and start planning your wedding with the best in the biz!

With wedding bells in the air, it naturally sets the tone for this week’s blog post. Starting a life together means that you are bringing elements of your individual  lives and meshing them into one; which also means incorporating both your styles into one space.  Here’s how to create an eclectic space to make you and your hubby happy.

The Bubbles collection is a perfect way to bring both masculine and feminine elements into the room. The dark finish and graphic design will appeal to your hubby and make him feel cozy and comfortable; while the mirrored elements and its neat scale will make this just chic enough for you. Add a pop of colour in an accent wall or rug and soften it with some floral and the space is complete. Dining Table BDS$1999 Side Chair $499 Buffet $2299. Occasional pieces also available. In stock now, click to start shopping!

A sectional is a great piece for a new home. This oversized super comfy piece is all that your hubby will need to lay out, relax and watch his football game on TV. Pick a neutral fabric and bring your feminine style into the space with fun throw pillows in bright colours or prints, add a patterned rug and some lamps with bling. Loomis Sectional stocked in charcoal BDS$7999 Click the image to buy right now!

The Preston upholstered bed available through the Dwellings Design Studio is a perfect example of how to make a piece of furniture gender neutral. The oversized winged headboard will make that statement that says masculine, whereas the tufted buttons and colour scheme creates a feminine friendly feel which creates the perfect marriage. Contact us at design@dwellingsbarbados.com or click the image for more information.

Remember when you are decorating your new home that there’s two people to consider. The best way to be happy in your home is to make it comfortable for all parties! Combine elements that you both love and you’ll end up with a beautifully cohesive space. Keep larger pieces gender neutral by making sure colour options, shape and style are  neither overly feminine or masculine. Accessories can be added to play up the feminine or masculine side; throw cushions are a great way to add pattern and colour and soften the room.  Introducing lots of lighting will also help to warm the space. Texture will always introduce a masculine element along with larger pieces.

Thanks again for reading! Be sure to keep on checking us out every Wednesday for a new and exciting post. We’d love to hear from you with any questions you may have or suggestions for the next blog. Comment below or contact the Dwellings Design Studio at design@dwellingsbarbados.com

Enjoy the rest of the week and we hope to see you at the wedding event tomorrow!

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Thinking of starting on a new design project but feeling overwhelmed with the task at hand? Where to start? What look to go with? Well I’m sharing some of my tips and tricks to make jumping in and starting on your next project that much easier!

1. Don’t over-think it! Sit down, take a minute and breathe. Ask yourself the following questions- What style do I like? What colours do I like? What is my budget? List some essential ‘must-haves’ for your space and build around that.

Check out completed design projects for inspiration! Looking at rooms such as this one will help you decide on your style-do you like the darker woods and bright colours?

Perhaps you like lighter woods and more soothing tones?

2. Search for Inspiration! All designers need to get inspired. Buy a few decor magazines and fold over the pages with the rooms which you like; whether its the colour scheme or the style of furniture. Take pictures of things that inspire you-colours, textures, shapes or your ‘gotta-have-it’ rug that you WILL fit into the space.

Buy lots of magazines and start cutting! Every designer needs to draw inspiration from various sources!

3. Make a Mood board-Cut it out & lay it out! It can be hard to keep track of all that you’ve seen and liked and even harder to visualize it all together. So have fun with it! Cut out the magazine clippings or things you found online and put it all together. This will help you decide on shapes, colours and styles and how the pieces all work with each other.

Make visualizing a piece of cake! Cut out all the pieces that inspired you and play house! This way you aren't committed to any piece just yet and you can try it with lots of different looks!

4. Shop Smart!-Pick out larger pieces first-the sofa, the bed etc. Stay neutral with upholstery fabrics so that if you get tired of one look, you can always refresh with new accessories. Don’t save on comfort or size! Spend money where it matters, make sure that bigger pieces are durable and good quality. Accessories and prints can always be changed out but these should always be in proportion to the rest of the room.

By making the sofa white and neutral this allows all colour to be introduced through accessories. That way if you want a whole other look; there's no big expense. Swap out pillows and the prints and you have a fresh canvas to start designing again! Photo taken from http://www.styleathome.com

5. Love it or Leave it! When re-doing your space or starting a project don’t settle! Items can be special ordered to suit your needs. Make sure that your items work into your space and that you won’t regret the spend later. A great way to start shopping  is by choosing a rug, print or throw pillows that you absolutely love. Then pick out complimentary colours for other pieces of decor such as lamps, vases and candles.

Make sure all the colours and pieces work well together when picking out decor pieces. Don't try and save on a piece you're not really sure about and might regret later.

6. Get Gender Neutral!- When decorating, ensure that what you pick will work for you and your hubby as well as being inviting for any guest that will enter the space. Lot’s of pink, bling, lace and floral will scream ‘girls only!’ Ensuring that larger pieces and wall colours are gender neutral allows for burst of colour and fun in the decor to marry the space and your styles.

A contemporary space with neutral colours makes this bachelor pad female friendly!

Darker wood tones and cream coloured bedding keep the room gender neutral. Florals and pops of orange introduce a softer, more feminine element that will keep the couple happy and comfortable.

7.Gotta Group it!- When decorating be sure to group smaller items. Clustering items together has a great impact and is full of style. Furniture pieces should also be grouped to have a purpose and not left to stand alone. For example, in a living room, seating should allow for a conversational area and all pieces should be close enough to have access to a cocktail table. In an entry way, a console table should have a mirror or print above it and can be decorated with a lamp or vase.

Grouping items creates a completed story as shown by Muse Interiors on this console. This makes the area functional as well as visually appealing

8.Keep it at Eye Level!- When hanging prints or mirrors these items should be at eye level for you to enjoy and to be cohesive with the space. Ensure proportions for the wall decor are relevant to the rest of the room. Fewer pieces in larger sizes will always give a cleaner more contemporary feel than lots of small cluttered pieces.

9.Don’t be afraid to get some help! Design consultants are there to make your dream a reality. A good design consultant will ask the questions that you may not ask yourself and will only give you the look you want! This makes the job hassle free but keeps you in the loop and still let’s you make all the important decisions.

Meet with the Design Studio Team to get started on your project today! Click the picture or contact us at design@dwellingsbarbados.com or 438-5900 x 110

10. Enjoy the process! Decorating should be fun, refreshing and therapeutic! Whether you take the task at hand on yourself or seek out some help from the fabulous design team at the Dwellings Design Studio.

Thanks again for reading! Remember to check every Wednesday for a new and exciting post! We’d love to hear from you and help out with any projects on the ‘to-do’ list. Contact us at design@dwellingsbarbados.com or check out more about us at www.dwellingsbarbados.com. Have a great week!

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