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One of the rooms in the home that we spend the most time in, is the bedroom. The space is used to sleep, relax and just chill out in. Just close the door and escape from reality and simply unwind. The bedroom should be a priority when decorating your home to your specific needs.  We all reminisce about ‘the best sleep we ever had’ on our last vacation staying at a hotel. But you can have this look and feel at home too! First, start off with a mattress that suits the way you sleep; after that’s chosen, all the rest is just fun.

The Pacific bedroom with beautiful water colour ombre effect in ocean hues will make any bedroom a calming space. Available in King or Queen Sizes

The fresh green hue is the perfect base to add lots of fun pops of bright colours. The geometric print adds even more visual interest. Available in King & Queen sizes.

Kaleah Bedding with purple and pink tones is beautiful and feminine. Mix in grey or chocolate brown for a gender neutral version. Available in King & Queen Sizes.

Ready to create your serene space with a plush hotel feel? Check out these tips to start designing today!

1. Beautiful Bedding: Creating that hotel look and feel is all about layers. Start the bed off with a sheet set consisting of the fitted sheet that wraps around the mattress, a flat sheet and pillowcases. These are the basic necessities, but to create a tranquil space, the bed needs to feel plush and have some visual interest. Add a layer with a thin coverlet. This will generally have a subtle pattern quilted in for some texture. The next layer is your plush duvet. Add a bold pattern or a pop of colour here. A duvet is really that extra topping for the bed to give the room a designer feel. Finally, throw on lots of throw cushions with patterns, textures and colours for visual interest.

2. Lovely Lighting: Lighting for a bedroom should be soft and dreamy. Make sure to have a lamp for each side of the bed. A lamp is another bold statement piece to really complete the space. With a variety of styles, shapes and colours available a lamp is a staple piece in the design of your bedroom while still being totally functional.

3. Secret is in the Scent: Adding scented candles to a room can really create an atmostphere. Opening a door and being met with a light scent of vanilla, or a burst of citrus fruits will immediately relax you.

4. Pretty up with Paint: The most dramatic impact for any space, especially a bedroom can be with a simple coat of paint. Adding a soft hue to the walls takes away from the stark white which can make the room harsh and uninviting. Pick a neutral color such as a light grey or a taupe and add pops of colour and pattern with decor.

5.Keep your Design Consistent: To complete a room and make it visually appealing, your eye should be taken around the room. That means that decor should be in porportion to the furniture pieces, and elements of your design should beconsistently around the room. Take colours out of your bedding and pull it into the colour of the rug and accessories. This makes the room balanced and well thought out.

Thanks again for reading! Remember to check in every other week for a new and exciting blog full of tips, tricks and ways to save! Have your own design dillema? Send us an email to design@dwellingsbarbados.com or comment below and your question could be featured in the next blog! Happy designing!


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