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Adding a pop of colour into your home is just like putting together a great outfit. It creates a bold statement and finishes the look. Everyone loves to see the finished product,  but trying to create it can become overwhelming and seem like a task! Dwellings is going to let you in on some of our design secrets, so you too can create a finished and stylish look in any room with bold brights for a styled, statement look.

1. A Pop of Paint: Introducing coloured walls or even an accent wall into your space is a dramatic way to add colour in your space. This automatically introduces a bold look that creates a mood for the whole room. Then use more neutral furniture pieces and pick up the wall colour in your accessories to create a balanced and stylish room.

This HGTV bedroom design shows a fun way to use a pop of colour in an accent wall. A bold statement is toned down by the soft grey adjacent walls.

2. Have Fun with Throw Pillows: Using throw cushions is a great way to add a burst of colour in a living room or bedroom. This is great for the person that likes to frequently change things up. Add bright solids, layered with a complimentary pattern for a designer feel.

Introduce colour through pillows. Don’t be afraid to layer different hues, colours or textures for visual interest.

3. Add some Accessories: Make a statement by adding a lamp with a colourful base or shade. This works like a piece of art for your room that will look throught out and fun. Introduce other accessories around the room for cohesive colour throughout the space.

A lamp is a great way to add colour and interest to any space.

4. Decor for your Floor: A rug with a pattern is a great way to add colour & pattern to your space. This grounds and completes a look and is really like artwork for your floor. A flat weave rug is low maintenance and a great price, where as wool rugs will require a little more care.

Using a rug with a pattern and a colour really grounds the space dramatically.

5. Pump it up with a Print: Great artwork is a wonderful way to introduce colour and interest. Visit an art gallery for special pieces or if your on a budget there are lots of great pieces you can find in store that give you the look for less.

Use artwork or a print that picks up on the colours use around your room to make the look cohesive and finished

Remember, adding colour to your room is just like putting together an outfit. You have a main, dominant colour and you pump that up by adding colours and patterns that are complimentary. It’s all about layering and having fun. Accessories are a safe way to introduce colour or if you’re brave, add colour to your wall or through a fun piece of accent furniture. With loads of fun, colourful pieces now in store you can get started on your summer look today. Need some help? Contact the Dwellings Design Team at design@dwellingsbarbados.com. Thanks again for reading. Have a great weekend!


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Hello, everyone! I’m Mari, a writer for Design Shuffle, the fabulous online social networking community where interior designers and design enthusiasts can share their projects and find inspiration. As part of my job, I am privileged to visit wonderful blogs like Dwellings Design to share some of the great interior designs I’ve discovered.

Today’s guest post is about outdoor kitchens for entertaining. It’s that time of year again—time to fire up the grill and invite family and friends over for some great food and interesting conversation. Perhaps you need a little inspiration to get you going. How about checking out some beautiful and functional outdoor kitchens? We’ve chosen eight of our favorites. Please enjoy!

Outdoor Kitchen Design by Dwellings Design

This compact little outdoor kitchen built into a niche by the pool provides proof that not a lot of space is needed to set up a chef-worthy kitchen outside. This one is filled with luxury appliances in stainless steel, but such an efficient use of limited space could be done on a more budget-friendly scale. My favorite part of this design? The lovely draperies.
Outdoor Kitchen Design by Dwellings Design
With its own private pavilion, this contemporary kitchen takes interior design outdoors and is both beautiful and functional. It feels as if it could be part of a sculpture garden.
Outdoor Kitchen Design by Dwellings Design
Comfortable and cozy, this stylishly rustic outdoor kitchen and dining space has an exhaust fan over the grill to pull smoke away from diners and a lovely ceiling fan to keep them, and the chef, cool.

Outdoor Kitchen Design by Dwellings Design
As pretty as it is functional, this rooftop kitchen and lounge area has a gorgeous city view. The lemony base holds a mini-refrigerator, grill and oven. I really like how the yellow paint extends around the area on long planter boxes.
Outdoor Kitchen Design by Dwellings Design
With no cover above, this is a true outdoor kitchen, weather-proof and as evidenced by the smoke ready to go. It is a great setup for entertaining a large group.
Outdoor Kitchen Design by Dwellings Design
What a pretty duo of colors for a vintage style outdoor cooking space. I love the collection of tiny lights above the table.
Outdoor Kitchen Design by Dwellings Design
This rustic open air kitchen gives a whole new meaning to the term outdoor kitchen. It’s actually part of the home’s interior living space with massive sliding glass doors that open onto covered side porches—making it the ultimate in outdoor kitchen designs.
Outdoor Kitchen Design by Dwellings Design
With an up-close view of the lake, this well-equipped outdoor kitchen includes a bar for those who wish to enjoy the scenery and keep the cook company.

Are you ready for some outdoor summer entertainment? Get ready to fire up the grill and invite your guest over this summer. Be sure to check out our Los Angeles Interior Designer’s for more inspirational ideas!

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Dream of sailing away on a luxury yacht for a paradise vacation? We’re  right on board with you. Now create your paradise right at home with fresh, nautical-inspired touches such as striped fabrics, and a classic palette of red, white, and blue and a few fun boating inspired prints. This look is ideal for high style by the sea; fresh, light and airy you’ll be happy to drop anchor for good. Crisp whites with bold navy hues is a classic look that can work in any room of your home. The trick is not to overdo this look with too many whimsical accessories. Check out some great pieces available at Dwellings to get on board with this look today.

Crisp white with bold navy and red accent create a fresh nautical inspired look. Complete the look with stripes, shells and beachy memorabilia. Items all available in store now. http://www.dwellingsbarbados.com

Loving the look? Create this look for yourself in any room of your house. With nautically inspired bed and bath linens and even some whimsical touches for your kitchen.

Tips to Remember:

1. White should be your starting colour for this look. White will keep the look fresh, crisp and airy. Add accent colours of blue & red for bold pops of color to create the nautical look.

2. Introduce textures through wood furniture and baskets. All decor should remind you of something you can find on a boat or a beach.

3. Don’t overdo whimsical accessories. Introducing a few special finds adds a unique touch while adding too many quirky accessories will cheapen the look.

4. Stripes are the perfect pattern for this look. The bolder the better.

5.  Have fun! You can always change out pillows and rugs if you want to change the look later.

Thanks again for reading! Remember to check out these great finds now in store or online at www.dwellingsbarbados.com. Have a great weekend and happy shopping!

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