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Last weekend Dwellings had it’s first ever in store design workshop on tabletop with a special guest designer from the United States. Those who attended were treated to an exclusive hands on workshop full of great tips and design secrets for creating a beautiful tabletop. With plans for lots of more great design workshops in future, we thought we’d share an overview of some of the great tips that were shared in this fabulous workshop.

Dwellings first ever Design Workshop was a big hit! Guests were treated to design tips and secrets on creating a beautiful table

1. A Centerpiece to Talk About : Centerpieces are the conversational art piece of the table. However, you want to make sure that your centerpiece leaves room for conversation. Designer tip #1: Centerpieces don’t have to be a tall vase full of flowers, this can often create a barrier for conversation at your dining table and makes guests uncomfortable as they have to work around the centerpiece to talk. Think out of the box, use a lower piece and fill with shells, balls or other alternative decor to create a more intimate setting.

This beautiful tabletop is a perfect example of using alternative decor to create a centerpiece. A low vase is filled with glass balls to create an interesting and functional piece.

2. Get Creative with Colours & Patterns: A great way to add interest and a designer feel to your tabletop setting is by adding colours and patterns to the arrangement; the main thing to remember is to make sure they compliment each other and won’t clash with your dinnerware. Designer tip #2: If your dinnerware is white go all out!  Pick a main colour or pattern and accent with complimentary colours around the table. If your dinnerware is patterned, complete the look by picking a solid colour that appears in your pattern to dress your table.

This table setting featured in Delicious Magazine is a great example of using colour to create a great table setting. Green is used as an accent in the runner, the dinner plate and some fillers which plays beautifully off the white.

3. Love Layers & Textures: Creating visual interest is all about creating dimension. Layer different textures for a pop. For example, use a woven place mat under a porcelain plate as the two opposites pair beautifully together. This can also apply to different styles of dinnerware. Don’t be afraid to mix modern dinnerware with more traditional flatware for a trendy, eclectic look that your guests will love!

Mixing different styles of plates, flatware and dinnerware can create a unique and eclectic look. This is a great way to use all the pieces you have collected over the years.

Remember, creating a beautiful tabletop is all about having fun and experimenting. Think outside the box and get creative! Make use of colours and patterns and layers of different textures to create something beautiful and unique.

What workshop would you like to attend? Comment below and let us know! Learn to layer a bed, decorate your living room or simply refresh a room by swapping some decor at our next exclusive event!


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