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This week the Dwellings Team  had a training session on entertaining for a dinner party full of great tips and must-haves and to-dos for a successful evening! We thought we’d share some of the dinnerware guru’s secrets with you, so that you too can be ready for a fabulous feast full of style tonight!

1. Don’t play hide and seek with your dinnerware: Formal dinnerware is not just for formal events. Many of us are guilty of keeping our good dinnerware locked away. Let your plates come out to play for every occasion!  Tables can be set with different linens, glassware and flatware to set the mood for any event.

Make formal dinnerware perfect for every occasion. Pair with casual linens for a breakfast setting. Use a pitcher for flowers or  glass carafe for cereal. In this picture – Opal Innocence Carved dinnerware by Lenox.

Take the same dinnerware and pair it with fine linens, delicate stemware and beautiful flatware for an elegant table setting. In this picture – Opal Innocence Carved dinnerware by Lenox.

2. Formal Dinnerware doesn’t have to break the bank: As soon as we hear ‘formal’ dinnerware, we tend to see dollar signs. Formal dinnerware may be  an investment, but it doesn’t have to take away our whole paycheck. Formal dinnerware is generally ‘open stock’. This means you can buy individual pieces at a time. Start with buying 6 plates a month and mix these in with your more affordable dinnerware to create a polished look. You can then continue to add to your collection over time until you have a finished set. Open stock is also great for replacements. If you ever break a piece, you can simply replace that one piece rather than having to buy an entire new set.

Start your collection with just buying the dinner plate to add interest to your table setting. In this picture – Floral Fusion dinner plate by Lenox.

Ways to save even more? Take your casual dinner plate and mix it with a formal accent plate to get the look without the price tag. In this picture – Fiesta dinner plate in Tangerine.

Pair this accent plate with the casual dinner plate for a fun and eclectic look on a budget. In this picture – Floral Fusion accent plate by Lenox.

3. Drinks are on You!: Get the glassware right! An easy and affordable way to transform dinner into an occasion is to use the right drink ware. The basics are simple, have a wine goblet and a water goblet at the table. Guests will appreciate that they have the right stemware to drink from.

Using proper stemware when setting your table completes the look and takes the table from every day dining to a elegant occasion. In this picture – French Perle crystal glasses by Lenox.

Cocktail hour? Serve in style with bar ware such as martini, pilsner, hiball and DOF glassware. Have an ice bucket and cocktail shaker at the bar so guests can have their choice of beverage! In this Picture- Lenox Tuscany Martini, Pilsner, Hiball and DOF

4. Serve in Style: Don’t overlook what you are serving your meals in and with. There are many beautiful cookware and bake ware lines which are meant to go from oven to table top. Le Creuset and Mario Battali are enameled and will look beautiful as part of the table setting.

Use oven to tabletop serve ware to impress your guests. This adds a pop of colour and doesn’t take away from the look of the dinnerware. In this picture – Le Creuset cookware in Caribbean Blue.

5. Think out of the Box: Just because you buy a piece that’s meant for a particular use, that doesn’t mean it’s all it can do. Don’t underestimate your dinnerware and serve ware! Use a pitcher to serve drinks, or fill it with flowers for an unusual centerpiece!

This table is completed by using the pitcher as a vase with fresh cut flowers. This is a perfect way to display any extra pieces to your set.

Dwellings wants to help you host an amazing dinner party too! Right now you can receive a beautiful Lenox Pierced Decanter worth $100 once you buy $500 or more of Lenox dinnerware, drink ware or flatware!

Dwellings Giveaway!!! Purchase $500 or more of Lenox dinnerware, flatware or drink ware and receive this beautiful decanter (worth $100) absolutely FREE! A beautiful piece to compliment your tabletop so you can host an amazing dinner party tonight!

Need help putting your table scape together?  Trust in our newly trained sales associates to present you with the perfect pairing of dinnerware, flatware, glassware and table linens to suit your style and budget. Check out our tabletop offering in store or online at http://www.dwellingsbarbados.com and take your setting home for dinner tonight!


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