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Many obsessed foodies will go out of their way to get all kinds of fancy cooking tools for the kitchen. The newest gadgets promising to slice, dice and chop better than the rest seem to catch their attention, and before you know it the cupboards are overflowing with food processors, electric squeezers and juicers and objects with interesting names like Mandoline, Microplane and Silpat.

Of course, it’s good to have a well-stocked kitchen, and the greater the variety of cooking utensils you have, the more you’ll be able to do. But sometimes it’s easy to overlook the essentials — those classic cooking tools that make it possible to prepare our food. Without most of them, it’d be difficult or even near-impossible to make a lot of everyday foods. Read on to learn about 10 of the most important tools a cook should have in the kitchen. Click on each to see our suggestion in store:


1. Cookware Set

2. Cuttingboard

3. Utensil Set Including: Turner, Whisk,Vegetable Peeler Etc

4. A Good Set of Knives

5. Bakeware Set

6. Storage Containers

7. Measuring Cups

8. Mixing Bowl

9. Kitchen Linens and Oven Mitts

10. Food Processor.



What item is next on your shopping list to add to your kitchen? Check off your list and save with our 3 day kitchen sale!






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Your bedroom should be a restful and serene place that invites you to relax after a long day. A big part of achieving this feel is your bed and of course the bedding, this is a concept used in hotels for example. Dressing the bed in good quality sheets and adding lots of layers makes a big difference to the visual look and feel of your bed. Check out some of these tips and photos below for inspiration.


1. Layers: Giving a bed multiple layers ads style and comfort. After securing your fitted sheet down, add a flat sheet, coverlet and finally a duvet for that plush feel. For the designer touch, creating a triangle of pillows starting with euro pillows, then shams and decorative throws.


2. Mixing Colours, Patterns and Textures: This brings warmth and texture into a room as well as visual interest.  Look for one common factor such as a colour, a size of the print or an element that can tie all the pieces together for a polished look.

Remember to always have a rotation of sheets on hand for laundry day so that your bed is always freshly made and plush. Want to learn even more? Visit us in store for our FREE bedding workshop this Sunday July 20th from 3-5pm.









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 Entertaining outdoors can be a great way to enjoy the warm weather and spend time with friends and family. From creating tasty summer recipes to planning the perfect tabletop decor, you’re sure to have a great time any day of the week. If you’re looking to take your next outdoor party from low-key to unforgettable, these tips will take you there:

Group Of Friends Having Outdoor Barbeque At Home
1 Make sure you’re prepared

Whether you’re cooking for a few friends, or hosting a family reunion, the key to any successful outdoor party is preparation. Get as much done ahead of time as possible so you can actually enjoy your time with family and friends, Don’t try to do everything yourself. Enlist the help of guests and once everything is planned, execution becomes carefree

.- Chefs Connie DeSousa and John Jackson



2 Create an ambiance

The key to creating a beautiful space outside is to approach the exterior spaces of your home in the same way you created your interiors. One should consider style, function, lighting and mood, and your outdoor room should be an extension of the aesthetics within your home. There are lots of options for beautiful outdoor furniture making it easy to put together an outdoor room that not only fits your own aesthetics but can be tailored to fit any space and budget.  With a little creative thought, you can create a dynamic outdoor space that reflects your unique tastes and style.-Kevin O’Shea (Designer of the Sky Terrace, Hudson Hotel NYC)


 Lamb & Hummus Burger Strawberry Thyme SpritzerBanana Split Kebabs

3 Make Your Menu Memorable

To take a backyard BBQ from plain Jane to party of the year, add your own twist to the menu. A special topping on your burgers, a signature cocktail and of course dessert. Click the images to include a Lamb and Hummus Burger, A Strawberry Thyme Spritzer and a Banana Split Kebab to your menu!

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