Entertaining outdoors can be a great way to enjoy the warm weather and spend time with friends and family. From creating tasty summer recipes to planning the perfect tabletop decor, you’re sure to have a great time any day of the week. If you’re looking to take your next outdoor party from low-key to unforgettable, these tips will take you there:

Group Of Friends Having Outdoor Barbeque At Home
1 Make sure you’re prepared

Whether you’re cooking for a few friends, or hosting a family reunion, the key to any successful outdoor party is preparation. Get as much done ahead of time as possible so you can actually enjoy your time with family and friends, Don’t try to do everything yourself. Enlist the help of guests and once everything is planned, execution becomes carefree

.- Chefs Connie DeSousa and John Jackson



2 Create an ambiance

The key to creating a beautiful space outside is to approach the exterior spaces of your home in the same way you created your interiors. One should consider style, function, lighting and mood, and your outdoor room should be an extension of the aesthetics within your home. There are lots of options for beautiful outdoor furniture making it easy to put together an outdoor room that not only fits your own aesthetics but can be tailored to fit any space and budget.  With a little creative thought, you can create a dynamic outdoor space that reflects your unique tastes and style.-Kevin O’Shea (Designer of the Sky Terrace, Hudson Hotel NYC)


 Lamb & Hummus Burger Strawberry Thyme SpritzerBanana Split Kebabs

3 Make Your Menu Memorable

To take a backyard BBQ from plain Jane to party of the year, add your own twist to the menu. A special topping on your burgers, a signature cocktail and of course dessert. Click the images to include a Lamb and Hummus Burger, A Strawberry Thyme Spritzer and a Banana Split Kebab to your menu!


When it comes to decorating the home, many of us spend hours reading design blogs & watching design shows wishing that we could transform our living or bedrooms into a one-of-a kind masterpiece. But when the shopping begins and it’s time to select the items for our dream room, we tend to doubt our creativity and shy away from the fun designs we’ve spent hours dreaming of. In this post we’ll be sharing some tips on how to select a color scheme and some of our favorite color combinations to help you easily piece together a striking room design.

Tip #1 – The Color Wheel

It’s time to go back to preschool and pull out that color wheel. The color wheel will help you plan the overall scheme of your room as you’ll need to decide which colors combine well, whether they are toning, harmonious or complimentary. The colors you choose for your room all depend on the mood or theme you want to set – are you going for an airy bright look or a warmer cozy look? Once you choose what palettes are best for you it’s onto the next step.

A tonal color scheme uses one color in varying tones. A harmonious color scheme uses colors stemming from the same primary color in the same tone level for a balanced look. A complimentary color scheme uses colors that are diametrically opposite on the color wheel resulting in a bolder and more dramatic look.

Tip #2 –  The 70/20/10 Rule

Now that you’ve chosen  your color palette and decided on what mood you want your room to embody, it’s time to get creative and further develop it. Remember, neutrals are the easiest colors to work with for large pieces and accent colors are used in small quantities to lift the overall look of the room. So keep the 70/20/10 Rule in mind when distributing colour. 70% of the room’s decor should be the lightest color, the second lightest for 20%, and the boldest for 10%. If you’re just going with two colors, go with 70/30.It’s important to keep this  rule in mind especially when shopping as it will help to keep the room balanced once you start decorating.

If you’re going with a neutral palette pump it up with rich hues, organic textures and fun patterns, this will make the space a lot more exciting. While 70% of the furniture in our mood board below is neutral, we play around with copper, golds and reds to create a warm and inviting space.

Now that we’ve got you thinking about the big picture, here’s another one of our favorite colour combos, aqua and lime. The vibrant colours are perfect for the warm weather of the Caribbean and is sure to make any room pop!


This striking aqua and lime tabletop in our showroom is fun and funky and certainly sets the mood for any meal.

A bit of a non-traditional colour pairing blue and yellow is fun and funky and will certainly add character and style to any room.

Tip # 3 – Keep It Simple

Keeping it simple is the golden rule when it comes to the decorating process. While we don’t want you to simplify your style, it is often best to keep colors simple, especially if you’re working with a smaller space. Instead of going for a complete color overhaul, changing the color of your walls, use decorative accessories such as lamps, beautiful cushions, vases, florals and prints as your key color pieces. Always remember to make sure your theme fits well into the space you’re working with as some themes require more space than others

With these three tips and all of your previous design research you should be ready for the exciting part – SHOPPING! Loving our perfect pairs? Then visit us in store or online at http://www.dwellingsbarbados.com today. Thanks again for reading and look out for more great tips in our next post. Have a great weekend.

For many of us starting the new year is a great opportunity to refresh our living space. For some it means out with the old and in with the new while others are looking for trendy yet budget-savvy updates. We posed the question to our Facebook fans – “Which room will you be refreshing for the New Year?” and received a tie between their bedroom and their outdoor space. As we spend so much time in the bedroom, this week, we’ve dedicated our blog to creating the perfect bedroom retreat.

New Linens

The quickest way to refresh your bedroom look is to update your bed linens, after all nothing feels and looks better than a fresh set of new bedding. Most of the colour in a bedroom will come from the bedding, so don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and patterns. Incorporate warm tones, rich hues, soft pastels and fun prints into your linens. For an even quicker update, a throw or a selection of chic cushions and accessories offer an effective contrast and instant style.

Let The Light In

Overhead lighting plays an important role  as it fills the entire room with light. But when it’s time to snuggle up with a good book, bedside lamps and other sources of accent lighting turn a bedroom into an inviting, comforting retreat as they cast a peaceful, moody glow.

Here’s a great tip from HGTV: Ensure that bedside lamps are the correct height with this little trick: When you’re sitting in bed, the lampshade bottoms should be at eye level so light will shine on your reading material not in your eyes.

Mix & Match Furniture

Gone are the days of matching every piece of furniture in your bedroom. If you’re looking to shy away from the traditional & uniformed look of a matching furniture suite, wake up a tired bedroom with an eclectic blend of  furnishings. Save a few dollars and get creative before investing in expensive, new pieces, check garage sales or friends and family to see if they have anything they’d like to give away. Hand-me-down furniture is a great way to furnish a bedroom on a budget.

mix and match furnishings

Personalize It
Personalize your space by displaying a collection of collected items that best tell your story. Your bedroom is an ideal spot for displaying collections of personal photographs. Keep your loved ones close by in a fun picture grouping, it’s a great way to add interest to a large expanse of wall. Turn it into a mini project and create an arrangement of framed photographs, art and quotes to add personality and pizazz.


Alarm clocks, vases, books, lamps and other decor help to boost your bedroom’s beauty factor and show off your personal style and taste. If you have a bold personality don’t be afraid to add drama into your room’s decor with bold colours and over-sized fixtures.

Now that you’re armed with all these great tips, you’re sure to be feeling inspired no matter your budget.  Start updating your look by using these easy tips, inspirational photos and mood boards so you can start designing today. All featured items are available in store and online at http://www.dwellingsbarbados.com. Need some help getting your look together? Contact the Dwellings Design Studio to get professional help with your design and to order custom items. Remember to check out the blog every other week for a new and exciting posts. Here’s to a great weekend and a fantastic 2013!

The Holidays are here and with just a few days left before Christmas we can only imagine how overwhelmed you must be with all the shopping, the cooking and of course the entertaining. We all have a friend who makes entertaining seem absolutely effortless. If it’s your turn to host a party over the holidays, don’t let your entertaining plans be a nightmare before Christmas, here are some great tips on how you can add some festive flair and cheer to your parties this season.

A Tinsel Tabletop That Pops

Entertaining is really just about putting your taste and style on display; stay within your holiday theme and style when decorating your tabletop. Pull the look together by adding one of the colours from your tree or your palette to the table. Remember, ornaments don’t only have to go on the tree, use any leftover decorations in your table setting or create a dramatic centerpiece by filling a bowl with different sized and shaped ornaments.

Invest In Some Fun Cookware & Serveware

The ideal table setting isn’t about putting your finest family silver or china on display so don’t empty your bank account to set a beautiful table. Combine what you already own with functional and affordable but visually interesting cookware and serveware. Everyday white tablecloths get an instant boost from red bakers and shimmering servers. Investing in cookware that can go from kitchen to tabletop is an added bonus as it’s one less item to clean at the end of the night!

Think Outside The Dinner Table

Bring the holiday celebration into every room, even if you’re working with a small space or surface. Swap out your everyday décor and merry up your living room with simple touches that give a holiday feel. Having a small space doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your decorating, a sideboard is a great place to put scented candles and smaller seasonal knickknacks. Consider new curtains or throw pillows and put those small ornaments to use by creating miniature decorative displays around your home. If you’re a bit of a Scrooge and say “bah-humbug” to the traditional tree, a mini tree, a wreath or some garland and a big bowl of ornaments can add to that Christmas feeling.

Now that you have all the tips it’s time to start prepping for your unforgettable evening and if you’re looking for that special something for your dinner party, don’t worry we’re opening late just for you.  Happy holidays and let the entertaining begin!


Once again ’tis the season of giving but sometimes finding the perfect gift for friends and family can be a challenge. With just 19 days left until Christmas, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Think about the recipient

Avoid getting flustered and plan your gift giving early, think carefully about the person/persons you are shopping for. Are they girly, elegant, flamboyant, quirky, eccentric, traditional? Do they like practical things they can use or would they appreciate something decorative? How old are they? What is their style or taste? Did they pick up a new hobby throughout the year? What have they been raving about all year? These are all great questions to think about before you start shopping especially if you are buying a gift for your office Secret Santa. If you are shopping for a relative or close family friend, you can buy them something to compliment something they already have or purchase something they really need.


1. Margarita Glass- Set/4– $59.95 , 2. Cuisinart 4 Cup Chopper Red – $229.95,                3. Barefoot Contessa Fool Proof -$99.95, 4.Caribbean Hideaways– $129.955.           5.White Trophy Vase-$129.95 , 6. Jade Butterfly Pillow- $69.95, 7. Sea Life Oval Platter with Handles-$129.95, 8.Umbra Stage Frame- $49.95, 9. Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer-$119.95

Create a Budget

Deciding on a budget for each gift will help to narrow your choice, making the decision process go from overwhelming to manageable. When you’ve finished making your list, cross reference it with the list of possible gifts that will best suit your recipients. Before hitting the shops use websites to browse what is available, this will help you narrow down your options.


Doing a bit of online “window” shopping can help you save a lot of time. Here are our favourite selection of trendy gifts for the season, perfect for your guy, gal or BFF.

Make it personal

Give a gift you can personalize. Perhaps they have just moved to a new home that needs decorating, or they just got married or took a cooking class! Picture frames and photo albums make great gifts as they can be filled with photos from the past and recent events. Personalizing your gifts makes the season extra special as it shows that you care.

When in doubt

If you are still not sure about what to purchase, don’t forget that many stores offer gift cards. Purchase a gift card from their favourite store at the same denomination that you allocated for their gift. Accompany it with your Holiday card and we’re sure the person receiving the gift card will be appreciative.

You can purchase a gift card in any denomination!

The Dwellings gift card makes an excellent gift for family, friends, Secret Santa,colleagues and customers, especially if you are unsure of what to get. Available in any denomination up to $1,000.

It’s our favourite time of the year to decorate and we can’t imagine what the holidays would be like without shiny ornaments, warm reds, rustic bling, garlands, wreaths and of course our famous upside down Christmas tree!

Pop in store and be inspired by our upside down Christmas tree.

With the holiday season quickly approaching, the Dwellings Design team hosted their third decorating class for the year. The class focused on how refresh your interior for the Holidays by incorporating your existing decor and adding just a few affordable new items and some clever ideas. If you missed the class, here are a few easy tips to add some festive flair and cheer to your home this holiday season.

Dwellings’ Top Holiday Decorating Tips

1. Create Depth – When decorating the tree, avoid hanging all the ornaments on the end of the branches and bury larger ornaments deep in the tree to add depth and interest.

Ornaments and trimmings can be found in all shapes, colors and sizes think outside the box and add depth and interest to your tree with unique picture frames, dried flowers or even glass ornaments.

2. Choose Your Colors Well – Choose two to three colors for your holiday palette and keep it consistent. Add interest by bringing in various textures through ornaments and other décor pieces.

Using contrasting décor and textures will really make your tree pop and building on the traditional colours you already have (reds, golds and silvers,) will pump up the glam on any tree.

3. Mix & Match Trends – Don’t be afraid to pair two contrasting looks. For example, rustic ornaments can look lovely paired with some silver or platinum mercury glass ornaments or winter white tones. Remember, sometimes opposites attract!

Give your space a different look and feel for this special time of year by mixing and matching trends.

4. Ornaments Aren’t Just For The Tree – Use them to embellish napkin rings or create a stunning centerpiece by filling a bowl with different sized and shaped ornaments.

Use any leftover decorations to create a dramatic centerpiece or place setting by filling a bowl or glass with different sized and shaped ornaments.

5. Make it Personal – make guests feel extra special by selecting an ornament that best fits their style and personality for each place setting. This could even become a new tradition!

Dress up your place settings by adding festive votives or napkin rings to each setting. Simple additions to your settings complete the look and adding a personal touch can grow into a family tradition.

Now that you’ve got all the tips, it’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Decorating for the holidays can be so much fun, so get creative and start planning this year’s theme. Whether you’re entertaining for the season or having a small family gathering make sure to visit Dwellings in store or online at dwellingsbarbados.com for all your holiday and gift giving needs.

This year Dwellings is making Holiday shopping stress free. Avoid the mad rush, traffic and lines by shopping online from the comfort of your own home and get free delivery on all online orders over $100 until December 19th. Click on the image below for more information and to start shopping now.

The coastal look is hotter then ever these days! With its airy and soft hues, coastal elements and natural textures, this trend lends a casual and relaxed atmosphere to a room. Even though we still love gorgeous seashells, starfish, palms and other coastal inspired elements, we wanted to give this look a new life. This Fall we’re upping the ante and taking everyday coastal to sophisticated glam with the Coastal Couture trend!

Create a glamorous room reflective of your style and personality. Coastal Glam is perfect for any room in any home.

Coastal Couture decor embraces the relaxed elements of coastal living and infuses them with upscale flair. Sandy beach hues and cool aqua tones give a sophisticated modern edge with the addition of sleek chrome finishes, rich textures and an underwater palette of iridescent, pearl and crystal. Whether living room, bedroom or kitchen, you can bring this breezy and stylish look into any room in your home. Get the look by following this easy step-by-step guide.

1: Color Palette – Bring in colors from the beach such as seaglass green, aquas and creams. Pillows are a great way to easily add color to a room. Check out these great throw cushions available in store now.

2: Floors – Soften your floors or add even more color and texture with a natural or colorful rug.

3: Lighting – Choose a lamp with an upscale contemporary design; look for a statement piece that incorporates glass, crystal and chrome.

4: Furniture – Use streamlined furniture pieces in light wood colors, metal or mirrored accents to perpetuate the sense of airiness.

5: Accessories – Pick some bright or sparkly accessories that will add that final touch of va-va-voom to your room. Sometimes less is more – choose one larger centerpiece or print rather than clutter the space with lots of small items. This is especially relevant for smaller rooms to give them a greater sense of space.

Ready to transform your home into a glamorous sea-side retreat? Check out featured items all available now in store and online at http://www.dwellingsbarbados.com.

Remember to check out the blog every other week for a new and exciting posts. Have a great weekend!

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